I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people:

that each protects the solitude of the other.
~rainer maria rilke

the soul

March 11th, 2014

true to your own being

March 5th, 2014


March 2nd, 2014

your spirit

February 3rd, 2014

being alive

January 30th, 2014

our magnificence

January 20th, 2014

chocolate pie

January 19th, 2014

I made this beautiful and delicious pie over the weekend. If you haven’t tried it yet, visit my blog for the recipe at Pure and Simple.


January 17th, 2014

homemade granola

December 22nd, 2013

if you are looking for a nutritious and delicious gift idea, visit my food blog at pure and simple for the easy recipe.

call for love

December 22nd, 2013

Upcoming Events: Yoga & Natural Nutrition Workshops

October 6th, 2013

I will be teaching two dynamic workshops on November 9th in Fort Worth, TX. Join me for a heart-opening yoga workshop at 2:30pm and a natural nutrition workshop at 5pm. To register online, visit Urban Yoga or call 817-908-3569.

you are wild

July 27th, 2013

what we need

July 24th, 2013

be yourself

July 19th, 2013

no difference

July 9th, 2013